Yeager Cabin Trail #111 lies in the drainage of Little Yeager Canyon.

Ponderosa pine forest shades the trail as it gradually climbs its way towards Yeager Canyon Trail #28. Yeager Cabin Trail #111, just southwest of the Mingus Mountain Summit is excellent for watching wildlife. Fortunate visitors may see deer, elk, and a variety of birds.

Black bears also make their home in this area. 111Rolled rocks along the trail show where bears have passed by, turning stones in search of grubs and other insects.

Yeager Cabin Trail #111 serves as a connection between Trail #28 and Little Yeager Canyon Trail #533. These three trails form a 6-mile loop that passes through lush riparian vegetation and deciduous hardwood forest in the bottom of Yeager Canyon.

Portions of this trail may be overgrown with brush.



From its intersection with Interstate 17, travel 12.2 miles on Hwy 260 to the junction with Hwy 89A.

Turn left and go 16.8 miles, through Jerome, to the Mingus Summit and FR 104. Turn left onto FR 104 and go 1.3 miles to FR 413.

Turn right onto FR 413 and go 1.4 miles to FR 132. Turn right onto FR 132 and go 0.4 miles to FR 105.

Turn right onto FR 105 and continue for 0.2 miles to the trailhead on the right. Parking is good.

From the junction of Hwy 89/89A in Chino Valley, travel 18.3 miles on Hwy 89A to the Mingus Summit and FR 104.

Turn right onto FR 104 and follow the directions above. Road conditions are suitable for all vehicles.

Mingus Mountain is mostly only ridden with shuttles. The reason is the top of the mountain is a steep mesa and all of the trails drop directly down the side of it so any trail you ride will be dropping or gaining 1000ft in a mile or so.

The climb up #111 isn’t too bad and definitely doable. Trail #28 starts of rocky and technical and even has some jumps that have been built up. The views are amazing and the trail is a lot of fun.

The climb up Trail #533 was one of the biggest surprises. It’s well graded and completely rideable up.

Riding up #110 was the biggest mistake of this ride. The trail is a ton of fun riding down, but it’s too steep for too long to have much success riding up.