Trail 533 Little Yeager Canyon trail
Take 89A heading east towards Jerome out of Prescott Valley you will go under the big power lines about a mile , keep an eye out for a 6000ft altitude sign on the right side of the road, there is a guard rail there. As soon as it ends pull off the road there will be a place to park maybe 6 cars. You will also see a a sign that say’s Jerome and Flagstaff on the side of the road were you park.

At this point the trail head is right behind where you parked. There will be a few boulders blocking off the old road that went to the trail head, go around the boulders and head down to the creek where the trail begins, crossing the creek on your left you will see the heaviest traveled path as it ascends up the mountain side over some fun dirt jumps through a gully and the switch backs start up the mtn.

This is a really fun trail to ride , it has good hard pack with lots of switch backs and all single track to the top, it’s about a 1500 ft ascend to the top in 1.8 miles. At the top you will come to a wired gate. Riding down 533 is a blast however , if you choose to continue through the gate for about 200 yrds or so your will T bone into a dirt road. If you still feel like going on turn left on the road go about 100 yrds till you see a parking area on your left there you will find the gate for trail 111.

Trail 111 will take you up to T bone into the junction of trail 28 (Yeager Canyon Trail ) and trail 530 ( Old Dump Trail). If you turn left there you will then be on trail 28 about a 2 mile long trail, a very aggressive trail I highly suggest to not do this trail alone getting injured on this trail would not be good alone.

The first 200 yrds of this trail is big boulders with 2 to 3 ft drop offs and difficult lines. After that it smooths up into fast fun switchbacks and ends at 89 A about 200 yrds up from where you parked , Hang a left on 89 A and go down a little way and you will see your car.