West Trail #318 is 1.4 miles long. It passes through an area of pinyon and Ponderosa pine, scrub oak, manzanita, and prickly pear cactus. Although elevation change is minor, the trail offers views of the San Francisco Peaks.

Trail 318 Map

The western end of the trail is at the junction with Circle Trail #332.
Take trail # 316 from the North side of thumb butte parking lot for about 100 yards up to trail # 318 you will turn left on 318 and parallel Thumb Butte Rd as you climb up 318 .

This is a fun ride with diverse terrain from boulders to loose granite and sand. It’s not a long trial but is always a fun time.

When you reach the top you will see a dirt cross road and also a parking lot at this point you can of course turn around and downhill 318 back to Thumb Butte parking lot, just remember when you get to the bottom of the trail turn right towards the parking lot at this point the trail will have a few options that all lead to the parking lot 316, 317, 386 and 315.

If you turn left at the bottom of 318 on 317 or 316 you will end up on longs canyon heading down and out towards iron springs rd . Enjoy 🙂