Walker RoadFrom downtown Prescott, travel east on Hwy 69 to Walker Road. Turn right and go 1.2 miles to the sign for Lynx Creek Ruin. Turn left onto Lynx Creek Road (FR 9401) just after the sign.

Travel 0.8 miles past the Day Use area, bearing right down the hill and continuing to the end of the road. There is a large improved lot with ample parking for both single vehicles and horse trailers. Road conditions are paved, then graded dirt and suitable for all vehicles.

Salida Gulch

To reach Trail #95, take Trail #9263 across Lynx Creek and just past the gate. Trail #95 begins on the right. You can choose to do this trail clock wise or counter clock wise.

The photos were taken going clock wise.

There will be a few gates you will go through at the bottom end of the trail shortly before getting back to the parking lot .
Also bear in mind in the summer the gate at Walker road and Lynx Ruin rd closes at 8pm so if you intend to do a night ride make sure you park on the other side of the gate.

As you drive down Lynx Ruin Rd you will pass a parking lot on your left and one on your right before you get to the Salida Gulch parking lot that will be at the end of the road on your right side. There is ample parking for many cars there.

This is a fun trail day or night , it’s green lush with boulders and trees , you will ascend to a mesa with some nice views to enjoy before some fun twisty down hill off camber with tight turns single track. The only trail that off shoots 95 is trail 94 it will veer off to your left and has a marker, 94 takes you to Lynx lake near the dam.
Salida Gulch Trail 95 Map Salida Gulch Trail 95 Map2

Shorter days and longer nights don’t have to mean the end of your riding season. In fact, riding at night can provide some of the best experiences you’ll have on a bike. Many roads and paths are clearer, the air is crisp and cool, and trail riding at night can provide an exciting new challenge to even the most seasoned mountain bikers.
The key to making it work is choosing the right lights for your needs.