Controlling rebound on your rear shock and forks .

Controlling rebound on your rear shock and forksI get asked a lot what does it really control ? the answer is your bounce back .

If your rebound is too fast your bike will feel super cush and plush absorbing a lot of bumps with a nice soft attractive ride this can be nice when on flat turbulent ground such as washboard roads .

The down side is your bike will get air born easier and it will make tight cornering washy on your way out of the second half of a tight turn .

Trails like Yegar Cabin Trail 533 on Mingus mountain have long woop de doo’s the cause you suspension to compress on the upside and at the peak of the woop if your rebound is to fast you bike will spring off the ground about a foot or so for maybe up to 12 ft or so in distance .

When your in the air you have no control and usually loose speed or the ability to slow down for a obstacle or maybe a turn coming up etc.

So keeping the bike glued to the ground has it’s advantage and rebound is the key to this .

Too slow and your bike will feel less plush and rigid too fast of a rebound and your not staying glued to the ground .

So play with this adjustment and you will know when you find the sweet spot it will increase you speed and control . On most forks and rear shocks the rebound knob is red.