To make sure you are safe when Mountain Biking, you need to be prepared for everything that can happen. This also means that you need to bring some kind of survival kit or first-aid kit that can help you with the first problems you encounter.

When riding on trails, it would be good to bring a few essential things that you might need. These may vary with the distance of trail riding you will be doing.

The list for short distance trailing would probably fit in a small CamelBak hydration system with small compartments. However, for long distance Mountain Bike trailing, a daypack would be more appropriate with the amount of stuff you will be bringing.

Long Distance Mountain Biking (75km and above)

survival kit

  • Map of the trail you will be using
  • Cellular or satellite phone
  • Compass (GPS, if you have the budget)
  • Small flares
  • Bicycle head light and tail light
  • Matches
  • Windbreaker or Jacket (depending on the temperature)
  • Compact multi-tool set
  • Whistle or Horn
  • Pump and repair kit
  • Allen wrenches
  • Chain breaker
  • Emergency Money
  • Identification with medical info
  • First-aid kit
  • Food and drink (take extra just in case)

Short Distance Mountain Biking (25km and above)

  • Cellular phone
  • Pump with repair kit
  • Compact multi-tool
  • Energy bars or fruits
  • Money
  • Identification with medical info

These are the basic things that should be included in your Mountain Biking Survival Kit. Of course, it is up to you if you want to bring more stuff. It really depends on what you think you will need on your trip.