Prescott Valley Bike Works prides itself on offering the highest quality cycling products and accessories on the market today.  

On top of that we provide excellent customer service and support. We assist our customers in meeting all of their cycling needs. 

Our many years of experience and commitment to our customers have earned us the reputation as one of the premier bike shops in the Prescott area.
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Our Values:
Leadership: At Prescott Valley Bike Works, you receive the kind of service you expect from a leader in the industry.  Our company is constantly adapting to the changing needs of the customer by providing them access to cutting edge cycling technologies, and expert support.  You can rest assured that, at Prescott Valley Bike Works, you will enjoy the latest services, technology, and developments in the industry.

Experience: All of the employees at Prescott Valley Bike Works are passionate about cycling.  They take passion and apply that to their years of training to help each customer find the bike best suited for their needs.  

Teamwork: We make it our mission to know each and every customer.  We work closely with you to ensure that your cycling experience is enjoyable, and that the solutions we provide are tailored to meet the challenges and goals that you want to tackle.  We work together to make sure that your experience at Prescott Valley Bike Works is nothing less than Excellent.

Customer Relations: At Prescott Valley Bike Works, our highest priority is our customers.  You are very important to us, and you can rest assured that we will go the extra mile for you (so that we can help you ride the extra miles).  Superior customer service is the life blood of Prescott Valley Bike Works.  We are proud to serve you and will work hard for your business.



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We’re not talking about an urban style of jigging from the ’80s  when we say “brake dancing” here, we’re talking about making sure your brakes are easy to use, so that you are in more control of your bike.

The distance between the handlebar, and your brake levers is known as ‘reach’.

On most modern brake setups, the reach is adjustable, so you don’t have to stretch to your fingers to reach the levers.

If you are better able to grab the levers, you’ll be able to actuate your brakes more effectively, and thus have better control over your speed.

Ask us to help you either shim your road bike levers, or dial in the levers on other types of bikes.