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Marc, the owner and operator of Prescott Valley Bike Works has provided services since 1995. We opened the shop to provide bicycle enthusiasts with everything they need.

If your bike is damaged, we offer precise bicycle repairs and supplies to make it operate like new again.

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There are two types of riders in the world: those who have had a flat, and those who haven’t had a flat YET.

There really is no such thing as a flat-proof tire, so it’s inevitable that at some point in your cycling life you will have a puncture.

One of our strongest piece of advice to beginner cyclists, as a matter of personal safety, is that everyone should know how to fix their own flats.

We are willing to walk you through the steps. Once you’ve practiced a few times, it will be second nature.

At the very least, have all of the necessary equipment you need to fix a flat on your bike.

Someone might be able to help, but their bike might not be the same kind as yours.

Have a seat pack with the right tube for your tires, some tire levers, and possibly a gas-canister inflation device.