We offer the best tune-ups in town along with bicycle, accessory and component sales.

Prescott Valley Bike WorksWe carry new Jamis Bicycles. Each bicycle is lovingly assembled and carefully inspected.

We can also bleed your brakes, service your fork and fit your bike.

Most of the momentum behind the shop stems from our attention to detail, courteous service , and ability to troubleshoot your bike pinpoint and fix the problem, not bolt on a bunch of new parts that are unneeded.


We repair when possible instead of replace , this saves you money.

As we have always said , your money is perfect so we want your repair or tune to be like wise.

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Sam the shop mascot

Shoes. If you have clipless pedals, you'll need shoes with cleats to attach to them.

You can get either road or mountain bike shoes.

Road shoes have a stiffer sole to create more pedaling power but are a difficult to walk in.

Mountain bike shoes are easier to walk in, but not as stiff, so you sacrifice a little power.

Even if you don't have clipless pedals, using bike shoes (as opposed to running shoes) will improve your bike speed.