We have been serving Prescott Valley AZ since 1995 and look foreword to many more years of providing the best service we can to this wonderful Town.Marc

Our shop has 28 years of experience selling, building and repairing bikes of all styles.

I have spent many years doing this trade on the east coast and training mechanics for many years on the west coast of California before moving to Prescott Valley.

I am completely devoted to being the best bicycle mechanic I can be and to make your equipment perform to it’s fullest ability. If you’re not satisfied I will refund you labor charge.

As I have always said, your money is perfect and the work I perform for you should be as close to perfect as possible. Of course this is affected by the quality level of the bike you own. It can be difficult to get department store brand bikes to perform due to their low quality.

However we will strive to get as much performance as possible out of them and hopefully put a smile on your face.



Sam the shop mascot

There are two types of riders in the world: those who have had a flat, and those who haven’t had a flat YET.

There really is no such thing as a flat-proof tire, so it’s inevitable that at some point in your cycling life you will have a puncture.

One of our strongest piece of advice to beginner cyclists, as a matter of personal safety, is that everyone should know how to fix their own flats.

We are willing to walk you through the steps. Once you’ve practiced a few times, it will be second nature.

At the very least, have all of the necessary equipment you need to fix a flat on your bike.

Someone might be able to help, but their bike might not be the same kind as yours.

Have a seat pack with the right tube for your tires, some tire levers, and possibly a gas-canister inflation device.