Every season brings new changes to and applications of many different technologies.

Our Service staff continuously uses a combination of periodic training classes, technical updates from bicycle and component manufacturers, and other sources of ongoing education to maintain current awareness of all the applicable bicycling technologies.
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Using and understanding these technologies and how they can best work together is an important goal of our Service Department.

Our Service staff can identify problems and sometimes prevent others simply through their deep knowledge of the interaction of different types of components and technologies working together.

Bicycles and their underlying technologies have changed over the years. As more advanced types of materials and components are used, the old "fix it yourself" tools and techniques people are familiar with from twenty years ago don't always work.

Prescott Valley Bike Works is constantly upgrading and buying the correct tools to service and install these new technologies. In some cases, without these special tools, you can actually damage your frame, components, or yourself.

Our Service staff is trained in the use of these tools ranging from complex frame prepping and alignment tools to those used for basic adjustments.

Our staff can help you understand the technologies used in your bicycle.

Prescott Valley Bike Works has qualified mechanics who can help discuss the problems and choices you have when considering all the maintenance and repair issues associated with bicycle ownership.

The service staff at Prescott Valley Bike Works is very experienced.

This means that you can have the confidence that your bicycle will be repaired, maintained, and tuned by people who know the appropriate application for your specific cycling style.



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The benefits of clipless pedals are that they truly do improve your cycling.

If you ski, then you’ll already be familiar with the concept of clipless pedals. This setup allows your foot to connect to the pedals on a bike.

There are several advantages to using clipless pedals: your feet are held in the right place on the pedal; you can put out a bit more power and they’re a lot easier to use than the old-style clips and straps that old-time cyclists used to attach themselves to pedals.

There is also usually some fear over the idea of using them. Almost everyone has experienced the ‘static fall’, where you just forget to unclip. This is a rite of passage for every rider, and usually happens in the most embarrassing way possible.

To avoid it, a tip is to practice clipping in and unclipping while leaning against a wall or table, and then while riding slowly in circles, till it’s second nature.